Audi R8 Spyder GT - Kid Trax Toys

Turn your child's playtime into a lifelike driving experience with the Audi R8 Spyder GT Ride-on from Kid Trax! Designed with attention to even the smallest detail, this battery-powered ride-on features the Audi logo, a crystal clear windshield, a classic GT spoiler, working LED headlights and MUCH more! Your little driver can even lift the engine hatch and inspect the realistic engine detail. Elevate...

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Can You Modify A Kids Electric Car? | Child's Battery Ride ...

Can You Modify A Kids Electric Car?

Can You Modify A Kids Electric Car?

Our range of kids electric cars comes in a range of size and power options, from 6v entry-level models ideal for toddlers to 24v models which can put out an impressive amount of power. However, for some parents, even 24v isn't enough, and a community has grown up around modifying kids electric cars.

Modifying a kids electric...

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NEVs – Neighborhood Electric Vehicles -

The Startlab Open is a two seat car built in Italy.  The street legal vehicles come in two versions, the "street" and "Hobby".  


The Street has a maximum speed of 45 kph (28 mph) and they quote a range of 68 kilometers (42 miles) per charge.  


The Hobby is slightly slower at 38 kph (25 mph) which gives it a slightly higher range.  


The car is powered by a 210V lead acid battery...

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Date: 2016-06-19 19:15:20

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ToysRUs BMW 6V Avigo i8 Kids Electric Ride On Car Power ...

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Ajoutée le 16 oct. 2014

We were surprised that we were able to find this ride on car with a battery in it. It...

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Cytronex Electric Bicycle Power | Electric Bike Conversion ...

With assistance off, your bike rides just as it did before the C1 electric kit

was fitted, so you can use less assistance as you get fitter.


...the revolutionary new ultra-light electric bicycle conversion kit - Cytronex C1

Electrify your Bike



Fitting the Cytronex C1 electric bicycle conversion kit to a bicycle does not change the way the bike rides when...

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Kids Ride on Cars - Electric Ride on Toy Cars - New Zealand

Kids Ride on Cars - fun for boys and girls of all ages

There are so many different types of ride on cars on the market, and we ensure that we sell only the highest quality for amazing prices. When selecting a ride on for your child, make sure you have a look at all the different add-on features to suit your child the best. If they like music, why not have a look at the cars with a built in...

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Electric Toy Cars & Ride on Cars for Kids in New Zealand

Motor Cross Bikes

Kidz Auto Motor Cross bikes are absolutely fantastic for children who like cruising around on two wheels. What makes this electric ride-on toy even more exciting is that unlike many other bikes on the market, this ride-on is truly great on many different terrain types.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your little one, look no further than these electric ride-on Sports...

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12V Q7 Electric Ride On Car

Ex-demo, Returns & Clearance Stock

You are about to pre-order this product

Please be aware this item is currently out of stock and you have opted to pre-order for delivery after 21/03/2018 (this is not guaranteed, but an approximate date of our incoming shipment).


Once your item is ready for delivery you will receive a tracking email on the day the item is dispatched. Delivery time is usually...

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ConvenienceBoutique Kids Baby Ride On Toy Car Mercedes ...


ConvenienceBoutique Kids Baby Ride On Toy Car Mercedes Benz ML350 6V Electric Licensed MP3 RC ...

ConvenienceBoutique Kids Baby Ride On Toy Car Mercedes Benz ML350 6V Electric Licensed MP3 RC with Remote Control

Item# SPM4026149121 | Model# CB16951 | Added on November 1, 2016 | Seller: ConvenienceStore

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Motorised Cars for Kids - Ride on Toy Cars for Kids ...

Memorable Motors

Our motorised ride on cars come with a 12v motor or 24v motor which means you can choose exactly what is right for your child. Some, even have twin driving motors. Take a look at our ride on cars such as Licensed Ford Ranger and you will notice it has 2x35W twin driving motors to give your child's toy a special edge when riding around! All of our product descriptions specify...

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Baby Ride On Cars - Electric Toy Cars in Australia

Ride on cars designed for your baby

We know that each baby is precious and letting your child sit in a ride on car can be scary for the most level-headed parent. Our ride on cars for babies have single speed setting so that the control can remain in your hands. We want you to feel confident and happy allowing your baby to enjoy the start on their new adventures.

Your baby is adventurous......

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Power Wheels || Battery 12v || Toys R US - YouTube

Power Wheels Battery 12v Toys R US

Product Description


Best Choice Products presents this new Ride-On Truck SUV Car. Perfect for 1 child, ages 3-8 years, this ride-on can be operated by foot pedal accelerator and steering wheel. Attractive and fun design features a non-toxic plastic body and LED lights. 12V (2*6V) motor feature high, medium and low speed option to reach a maximum...

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Ride on Toys Australia - Electric Ride on Toy Cars for Kids

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Perfect for Boys and Girls

Ride-on toys, unlike many other types of toys on the market, are aimed at both boys AND girls. Some also have two seats. This means that they are the perfect gift if you have more than one child to please! No more tantrums and tears over who gets to play with their new toy first - they can both play!

Our Ride-on Toys are Packed with Features

All of our...

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Drive your imagination! -

About Us

6V Imaginarium Steam Train

Playrooms become train stations with the unique Rollplay Imaginarium 6V Steam Train! Toddlers who love trains will have hours of fun playing engineer with this battery-powered ride-on set. The train actually releases smoke in the form of water-vapor as it drives around its 22-foot oval track. Designed to look like the freighter locomotives of the Old West, this train features realistic sounds - a...

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Pink Ride On Cars - Electric Ride on Toy Cars for Kids ...

Pink, Pink and More Pink!

You can never get enough pink in your life. An awesome pink ride on is the perfect gift for your little angel. Let your child roam around in style and impress their friends with a beautiful and fun new toy that will provide hours of fun and entertainment. All of our ride on cars are made with your child in mind and we are proud to offer families a huge selection of...

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Kids Ride on Remote Control Car | eBay

Kids Ride on Remote Control Car

Kids Ride on Remote Control Car

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Charger standard: 12V, 1000mA. Remote control (RC Functions) and manual operation makes it suitable for a variety of ages. Battery standard: 12V lead-acid batteries. Forward, Reverse, Left & Right Tur...



120 sold

Scaled -down in great detail, this children's 12 Volt version of the world-renowned...

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Audi TT ride on electric car | Kids Electric cars for sale ...

  Questions and Answers about this scooter

How does the remote control work?

The remote is for the parents to control the car for smaller kiddies. If the kiddie cannot steer, then simply use the remote to control. When he/she is old enough to steer, then you can turn the car to manual and they enjoy full control :)

How long do the batteries last?

All ride on electric battery operated cars last around 45min -1 hour on a charge. This depends to the weight, incline and riding terrain

Is this a 2 seater car?

No, this is a single seater car

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A Speedy Electric Toy Cars for Young Speedsters

One of the most expensive...

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